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Quality Remodeling and Renovations Since 1941

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Insulation and Ventilation

Herzing Installations has been remodeling and renovating homes for a longtime. For roofing and siding installations to be complete, existing insulation and ventilation needs to be evaluated to be thorough. For example, a newly installed shingle roof can be problematic and short lived if the attic is not adequately ventilated. Another example is if bathroom fan exhaust is allowed to ventilate in the attic and not be corrected when the roof is installed, mold and mildew may result. Lastly, if an attic is under and poorly insulated, aside from a large heating bill each winter, excessive heat loss will make your home much more prone to ice damming, icicle formations, and again, the possibility of mold and mildew. The easiest and best time to upgrade your home’s attic insulation is at the time of your roof installation where all access is done from the exterior and nothing to disrupt on your home’s interior. A simple “insulation upgrade” can be very cost effective and net a huge gain.

  • Attic insulation improvements, including blow in and batt style.
  • Ventilation improvements related to shingle roofing, including static roof vents and continuous ridge venting.
  • Proper ducting of kitchen and bath exhaust through roof decks and exterior walls.
  • Soffit venting, including air chutes to allow air flow into the attic.

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