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Quality Remodeling and Renovations Since 1941

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Recycling Program

At Herzing, we are making additional efforts every year to help the future of our great planet by recycling most of our construction materials when we can. Just a few short years ago, nearly 100% of our roofing tear off materials, as well as old windows, doors, cardboard boxes, and so on were simply taken to a land fill.  In 2016, we recycled nearly 80% of 262 tons of hauled construction material. That’s an enormous amount of debris which would have gone to a landfill before.

Several years ago, we invested in our own dump trailers and haul our debris ourselves to a specific transfer station who’s workers then sort through much of the material. Now, nearly all of our roofing material gets taken to a facility for recycling and is prepared for new uses. Aluminum scrap has been recycled for years, however, we also recycle most of our cardboard boxes, old vinyl siding and scrap, and I am working on finding other uses for the hundreds of old windows and doors which get thrown away every year.

Now more than ever, we are offering higher efficiency insulation products, including attic and wall insulation packages. Energy Star rated double and triple pane high efficiency windows, improvements in attic ventilation, ridge venting, bathroom exterior exhaust, solar powered attic fans, and Energy Star rated roofing shingles to provide your home with a cooler roof color drastically reducing your attic temperatures and your cooling bills. New and higher efficiency products are becoming available every year and we are offering them to our customers as an alternative to the typical products used by most contractors.

Let me show you how we can not only make your home more beautiful, but also more efficient and comfortable, and a lot easier to heat and cool in the future. A little extra attention in a few select areas can make a big difference.

Thank you for your interest in Herzing…We look forward to serving you soon.

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